2017-2018 Documents And Forms

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2018 Spring/Summer Ice Registration Form     

Camillus FSC Cutting Edge Skate Camp     

Club Education Seminar     

2017-2018 CFSC Welcome Letter     

2017-2018 Weekly Ice Schedule     

2017-2018 CFSC Dues     

2017-2018 CFSC Waiver Form     

2017-2018 Skater Code of Conduct     

2017-2018 Parent Code of Conduct     

2017-2018 Parent/Skater Handbook     

2017-2018 Medical Permission Form     

2017-2018 Membership Policy     

2017-2018 Rules of Etiquette and Safety for Parents and Skaters     

Intro to Synchro Skating Group Lesson     

USFSA Basic Skills 1-6     

USFSA Free Skate Curriculum     

USFSA Dance Curriculum